Tree Removal

Though trees are a wonderful gift from nature, some circumstances might require their removal. Remove a tree from your property if it is dead, diseased, or threatening your property’s integrity. The...


Tree Trimming

Bright Tree Service professional arborists are prepared to shape your trees for maximum health, appeal, and robustness. Truthfully, there are many benefits to tree trimming services to improve your tr...


Stump Grinding

After a tree removal has taken place; you might end up with a horrible stump in the middle of the yard. Get rid of that eyesore, the specialists at Bright Tree Service specialize in stump grinding. We...


Your Greenery Will Bloom

Do you want to see your landscape thrive? Then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Bright Tree Service; our company provides professional and efficient gardening services for residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Although we specialize in tree services, we can meet all your landscaping needs.

Our tree specialists are knowledgeable regarding the cultivation, maintenance, and growth of various trees and plant species. Therefore, you can be confident that we’ll give to your greenery the proper attention and care that it requires. With Bright Tree Service, your landscape’s natural elements will flourish at their maximum potential.



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We utilize environmentally friendly products and specialized tools, and techniques to promote the healthy development of your trees, flowers, shrubs, bushes, etc. Our thorough and skilled services will help you recover the well-being, lively look, and freshness of your landscape.

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Bright Tree Service

Unbeatable Prices & Friendly Service

Bright Tree Service is a locally owned and operated business established in Garland, TX. We have many years of experience in tree services, landscape design, and maintenance. We started this business as we recognized people’s need for high-quality and cost-effective landscaping solutions.

Now, we’ve earned an incredible reputation thanks to our talented work and our clients’ recommendations. In fact, the word of mouth of our customers has been our best advertising during these years. As such, we plan on maintaining this status for years to come by building long-term relationships with each one of them.

Our honesty, integrity, efficiency, and love for nature have taken us very far in this business. We are committed to keeping the same level of professionalism and work ethic that characterizes us in the coming years. Our expert crew will be here to take excellent care of your landscape whenever you need to. Call us now!

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Unbeatable Prices & Friendly Service

Your Greenery Will Bloom

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Our Mission

Our mission at Bright Tree Service is to provide exceptional tree and landscape maintenance services to the community of Garland so that they can have beautiful and healthy gardens.

Our Vision

Our vision at Bright Tree Service is to expand our business to more areas of the country so that other people can take advantage of the quality and cost-effectiveness of our landscaping solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Work together with Bright Tree Service, and you’ll be able to see the difference between a dull landscape and a beautiful one. Our excellent service and affordable approach will satisfy your needs.



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